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Joachim Ringler extraction & filtration technology
Joachim Ringler Extraction & filtration technolgy
Joachim Ringler Extraction & filtration
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ASPUR sopra1 attachment device

Oil mist separator sopra1 attachment dev

Oil mist separators of the sopra assembly are used in the manufacturing industry to extract and reliably separate oil mist, emulsion mist, aqueous solutions, fumes and gases* with proportionate solids precisely at the point of origin. The attachment units are installed on machining centers, milling machines or lathes. The recirculation of the cleaned air complies with the current TRGS guidelines. Due to the integrated multi-stage filters, the units achieve a separation efficiency of HEPA H13.
*) only with activated carbon filter
The devices are equipped with EC high-performance blowers. These can be continuously adjusted to the desired outputs by means of a control system and potentiometer. Due to this equipment, only the actually necessary power is called up, which reduces the power consumption.
Large access doors, which extend over the entire height and width of the modules, allow the user quick and service-friendly access to all components. In addition, all filter systems are designed so that they can be changed without tools.
The high-quality filter system with integrated HEPA H13 filter, stands for a long operating time with simultaneous best separation results.
Due to the modular design, HEPA filters, activated carbon filters, explosion and fire protection systems as well as various discharge systems can be added according to the customer's individual requirements and, under certain circumstances, retrofitted at a later date.
 Standard equipment

Optional equipment

Product data

Product features

High-quality, multi-stage filter system
Integrated H13 filter
Simple, fast and tool-free filter changing
Coarse filter replaceable
Drive with EC high power blower
Large access door on one side (service-friendly)
Order our oil mist seperator sopra1 attachment dev for your milling machines!

Optional device features

Pump for recirculation of the separated liquids
Completely available in stainless steel design
All RAL colors in powder coating
Activated carbon filtersystem
Explosion and fire protection equipment
Control cabinet with frequency converter and display (user-friendly)
Order our oil mist seperator sopra1 attachment dev for your milling machines!

Areas of application

Lasering, welding, cutting» click here

Aerosole, vapors» click here
Fume, smoke» click here
Order now our storage filter sopra1 attachment dev for your milling machines!

Technical data

  sopra1 EC 1.4 AD
Item no. 9030012
Drive EC high-pressure blower
Air volume flow max. 940 m³/h
Negative pressure max. 5000 PA
Drive power 1.4 kW
Voltage² 230 V / 400 V
Sound emission 63 dB(A)
Weigth 100 kg
Dimensions (l,w,h) 500x520x1145 mm
Dimensions¹ (l,w,h) 500x670x1145 mm
Intake port (d) 100 mm
Dust coll. container 25 L
Powder coating RAL9016 mat
Main filter multi-level Cartridge filter
Filter surface 8 m²
Filter surface load 117 m³/m²/h
Controller³ Siemens Logo®
¹) Incl. suction box & control cabinet  
²) 230V or 400V optionally  
³) Siemens Logo with Modbus TCP or Harting plug optionally  

Optional features
  sopra1 EC 1.4 AD
HEPA H14 filter yes
Dust Ex-Zone 22 yes
Dust Ex-Zone 21 no
Gas Ex-Zone 2 no
Gas Ex-Zone 1 no
Explosion prevention* yes
Fire prevention* yes
Activated carbon filter yes
Stainless steel version yes
*) For indoor installation
All data are subject of technical changes.
Oil mist separator ASPUR sopra1
Special features
  • ASPUR-MODULAR-DESIGN  - Structure in modular assemblies, enables extensive variety of variants
  • ASPUR-DOOR-SYSTEM - Large doors for barrier-free access
  • ASPUR-NOISE-ELIMINATOR - With reduced noise level due to motor sound insulation
  • ASPUR-SAFETY-FILTERCHANGE - Simple, tool-free filter change
  • ASPUR EXPANSIONS-ANSAUGSYSTEM - Baffle plate, deflection and abrupt expansion of the intake process air, reduces the filter load and enables coarse particle separation
ASPUR sopra1 attachment dev
Device features
ASPUR sopra1 attachment dev
Siemens LOGO control cabinet
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