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Joachim Ringler extraction & filtration technology
Joachim Ringler Extraction & filtration technolgy
Joachim Ringler Extraction & filtration
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ASPUR aero3 mobile

Deduster ASPUR aero3 mobile

The mobile dust extractor from the aero3 mobile assembly is used in the manufacturing industry to extract and safely separate dust, chips and smoke.
In terms of filter technology and safety technology, the systems are designed so that they can be used indoors and the cleaned air can be returned to the work area. The device is also suitable for extracting laser and/or welding fumes that arise when welding or cutting alloy steels.
EC fans with different outputs offer a reliable drive and are infinitely adjustable from 0-100%. The exhaust air from the engine is soundproofed and is released slowly and quietly into the room.
A Siemens LOGO control built into the device enables manual or automatic adjustment to the desired performance parameters of the device. Using the Modbus equipment, all functions of the dust extractor can also be transferred to the customer's control system and operated there.
Filter cartridges
The horizontally installed filter cartridges can be service-friendly and easily replaced without tools. The cartridges are cleaned in the JETPULSE during operation either manually, time-controlled or via the differential pressure.
Suction system
The device can be equipped with one or two 360° rotating extraction arms or can optionally be connected to pipes (D200 mm) as a stationary device.
The suction system is designed in such a way that the sucked-in particles enter an expansion area and, at a slow rate of descent, enter the filter area with disposal containers underneath. This system reduces the strain on the filter and protects it from incoming sharp or glowing particles.
Disposal system
The integrated and utility model-protected disposal system consists of two pull-outs with a disposal container and PE bag as well as a deflection system, which enables the dust collection drawer to be removed very easily and without tools. To do this, pull the handle. The container lowers and is simultaneously pulled out to its entire depth. It can then be easily removed using two handles attached to the container. After changing the dust bag, the drawer is closed. The container is automatically moved up to its end position and seals there.
Exhaust air
The exhaust air flow is set diffusely by default. The blow-out is protected from splash water. The device is also prepared to be able to introduce the exhaust air outside or into the customer's ventilation or extraction systems.
 Standard equipment
 Optional equipment

Product data

Product features

High-quality jetfilter system, installed horizontally
Simple, quick, tool-free filter change (servicefriendly)
Disposal system with dust drawer (utility model)
EC-blowers infinitely variable
Up to two 360° rotating extraction arms or with pipe available
Large, stable industrial castors with stoppers, large push handle
Exhaust air diffuse or with pipe
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Optional device features

Filter class H
Cartridge filter ePTFE membrane
Stainless steel version
Dust-Ex Z22
Activated carbon filter system
Simple device control (On, Off, Poti)
360° Extraction arms
Order now our dust extractor aero3 mobile for your workplace!

Areas of application

Lasering, welding, cutting» click here
Filling, mixing» click here
Packaging» click here

Fume, smoke» click here
Dust, fine particles» click here
Fibers, fabrics» click here
Order now our dust extractor aero3 mobile for your workplace!

Technical data

  aero3 mobile EC1.4 aero3 mobile EC2.8
Item no. 9040008 9040009
Drive EC blower EC blower
Air volume flow max. 940 m³/h max. 1880 m³/h
Negative pressure max. 5000 PA max. 5000 PA
Drive power 1.4 kW 2.8 kW
Voltage 230 / 400 V 230 / 400 V
Sound emission 62 dB(A) 63 db(A)
Weight 238 kg 240 kg
Dimensions (l,w,h) 870x840x1700 mm 870x840x1700 mm
Intake port (d) 2x 125 mm (200 mm) 2x 125 mm (200 mm)
Dust coll. container 30 L 30 L
PE-bag conductive yes yes
Powder coating RAL9016 semi-gloss RAL9016 semi-gloss
Cartridge filter M M
Filter surface 16 m² 16 m²
Filter surface load 58 m³/m²/h 117 m³/m²/h
Filter cleaning JetPulse JetPulse
Controller Siemens Logo® Siemens Logo®
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Optionals features
  aero3 mobile EC1.4 aero3 mobile EC2.8
HEPA filter class H14 yes yes
Dust Ex-Zone 22 yes yes
ePTFE Cartridge filter yes yes
Activated carbon filter yes yes
Stainless steel version yes yes
360° extraction arms yes yes
Manual control¹ yes yes
¹) Simple, manual controller ON | OFF | Potentiometer 
Data are subject of technical changes.
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Industrial deduster aero3 mobileIndustrial deduster aero3 mobile
Special features
  • ASPUR-DUAL-DOOR-System - Accessible from two sides via large doors
  • ASPUR-NOISE-ELIMINATOR - With reduced noise level due to highly efficient sound insulation
  • ASPUR-EASY-FILTERCHANGE - Simple, tool-free filter change
  • ASPUR-Expansion-Extraction-System - Expansion of the sucked-in process air and redirection, reduces the incoming suction speed and enables coarse particle and spark separation
Mobile industrial deduster aero3 (3D)
Device functions
ASPUR deduster aero3 mobile
Siemens LOGO controller for ASPUR dedusters
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