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Joachim Ringler extraction & filtration technology
Joachim Ringler Extraction & filtration technolgy
Joachim Ringler Extraction & filtration
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ASPUR aero4eco

Deduster ASPUR aero4eco

The aero4eco dust extractor is the highend mid-range model in the aero series and is used in the manufacturing industry to extract and safely separate dust, chips, smoke, fibers and gases*.
* only with activated carbon filter
In terms of filtering and safety, the systems are designed in such a way that they can be used indoors and in areas where there is a risk of explosion.
Industrial centrifugal fans with backward curved impellers and Siemens IE3 motors of the latest generation provide both a low-noise and reliable drive. Together with the installed frequency converter, the motors can be variably adjusted to the desired outputs, either manually or automatically. These features ensure that only the power actually required is called up, thus reducing power consumption and loss of materials.
Large access doors installed on both sides, which extend over the entire height and width of the modules, allow the user quick and service-friendly access to all components.
In addition, all filter systems are designed to be changed without tools.
The intake system with baffle plate, deflection and expansion area reduces the filter load and protects it from incoming particles.
Due to the modular design, HEPA filters, activated carbon filters, explosion and fire protection systems as well as various discharge systems can be added according to the customer's individual requirements and can be upgraded at a later date.
 Standard equipment
 Optional equipment

Product data

Product features

High quality filtersystem
Integrated H14 filter (optional)
Simple, fast, tool-free filter change (replacable pre-filter)
Large access doors on both sides (service-friendly)
IE3 centrifugal fans
Control cabinet with frequency converter, Modbus and display (user-friendly)
Order now our dust extractor aero4eco for your workplace!

Optional device features

Gas-Ex Z2 and Z1
Dust-Ex Z22 and Z21
UL, CCC, GMP-compliant design
Stainless steel version
All RAL colors in powder coating
Activated carbon filter system
Fire protection equipment
Explosion protection equipment
HEPA H14 filter
Misc. discharge systems (rotary valve, big bag, double slider)
Order now our dust extractor aero4eco for your workplace!

Areas of application

Lasering, welding, cutting» click here
Drilling, lathing, milling» click here
Filling, mixing» click here
Packaging» click here

Fume, smoke» click here
Dust, fine particles» click here
Chips» click here
Order now our dust extractor aero4eco for your workplace!

Technical data

  aero4eco D3 aero4eco D5.5 aero4eco D11
Item no. 9020029 9020030 9020028
Air volume flow max. 4300 m³/h max. 6500 m³/h max. 9000 m³/h
Negative pressure max. 3000 PA max. 4500 PA max. 6000 PA
Drive power 3 kW 5.5 kW 11 kW
Voltage 400 V 400 V 400 V
Sound emission 60 dB(A) 63 db(A) 65 dB(A)
Weigth 720 kg 790 kg 880 kg
Dimensions (l,w,h) 1000x1000x3500 mm 1000x1000x3500 mm 1000x1000x3500 mm
Dimensions¹ (l,w,h) 1000x1500x3500 mm 1000x1500x3500 mm 1000x1500x3500 mm
Intake port (d) 300 mm 300 mm 300 mm
Dust coll. container² 50 L 50 L 50 L
Powder coating RAL9016 mat RAL9016 mat RAL9016 mat
Filter class M M M
Filter surface 60/80 m² 60/80 m² 80 m²
Filter surface load 70/54 m³/m²/h 108/81 m³/m²/h 112 m³/m²/h
Filter cleaning³ JetPulse JetPulse JetPulse
Controller Siemens Logo® Siemens Logo® Siemens Logo®
¹) Incl. extraction box & control cabinet   ²) Dust collection container with rollers   ³) Pneumatic cleaning - Data are subject of technical changes.
Right trimmed columns can be scrolled (wiped) to the left!
Optionals features
  aero4eco D3 aero4eco D5.5 aero4eco D11
Endless bag system yes yes yes
Hobbock container yes yes yes
PE-Bag yes yes yes
Rotary valve yes yes yes
Slider yes yes yes
ePTFE membr. filter yes yes yes
HEPA filter class H14 yes yes yes
Dust Ex-Zone 22/21 yes yes yes
Gas Ex-Zone 2/1 yes yes yes
Explosion protection* yes yes yes
Fire protection* yes yes yes
Activated carbon filter yes yes yes
Stainless steel version yes yes yes
*) Indoor installation - Data are subject of technical changes.
Right trimmed columns can be scrolled (wiped) to the left!
Stationary Deduster ASPUR aero4eco
Special features
  • ASPUR-MODULAR-DESIGN  - Structure in modular assemblies, enables extensive variety
  • ASPUR-DUAL-DOOR-System - Accessible from two sides via large doors
  • ASPUR-NOISE-ELIMINATOR - With reduced noise level due to highly efficient sound insulation
  • ASPUR-EASY-FILTERCHANGE - Simple, tool-free filter change
  • ASPUR-Expansion-Extraction-System - Baffle plate, deflection and abrupt expansion of the intake process air, reduces the filter load and enables coarse particle separation
Stationary Deduster ASPUR aero4eco
Device functions
ASPUR deduster aero4eco
Siemens LOGO Controller - ASPUR deduster
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