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Joachim Ringler extraction & filtration technology
Joachim Ringler Extraction & filtration technolgy
Joachim Ringler Extraction & filtration
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ASPUR centravac

Extraction system ASPUR centravac

ASPUR extraction systems were designed for the extraction of organic and inorganic process dust, chips and dry or aqueous media.
The extraction systems are used in stationary versions in industrial companies in order to be able to extract from several suction points at the same time. The suction points in the building are connected by a network of pipes so that a uniform flow rate prevails. Depending on your wishes, one or more suction points can be open at the same time. The electrical connection to the extraction is made via cable or via radio when operating the individual extraction points. If desired, manually operated flaps or sliders can be installed.
ASPUR extraction systems can also be connected directly to processing machines and automatically alternately extract the resulting process materials. Additional accessories such as chip breakers etc. are usually necessary for this.
In terms of filters and safety, the systems are designed so that they can be used indoors and in potentially explosive areas. The systems can be equipped with explosion protection and/or fire protection systems.
Side channel blowers with the latest generation of IE3 motors offer a low-noise and reliable, maintenance-free drive. Together with the integrated frequency converter, the motors can be adjusted manually or automatically to the desired performance. This equipment means that only the services that are actually necessary are used, which reduces power consumption. The drive unit has two large access doors that can be easily opened, allowing access to the interior of the engine area.
The built in Siemens LOGO control (or optionally S7) enables manual or automatic adjustment to the desired performance parameters of the device. Using the Modbus equipment, all functions of the extraction system can also be placed on a customer control system and operated there.
The filter unit is equipped with 4 cartridge filters and is cleaned by using the JetPulse principle with a compressed air tank installed inside on the clean gas side. A large access door with industrial hinges, which extends over the entire height and width of the filter module, allows the user quick and service-friendly access to the filter area.
The filters can be changed easily, quickly and service-friendly and without tools.
The filter unit can be installed on the frame so that the suction opening can be opened on 4 sides. The suction system takes place directly in the expansion area, which reduces the flow speed and the filter load and at the same time protects the filters from incoming particles.
Suctioned dust and chips are led into the suction funnel and discharged here via a rotary valve into a BigBag disposal system. Alternatively, other containers such as troughs or slide systems can also be used.
Thanks to the modular design, HEPA filters, activated carbon filters, explosion and fire protection systems as well as various discharge systems can be installed according to the customer's individual wishes and can also be retrofitted later.
 Standard equipment
Optional equipment

Product data

Product features

High-quality jet filter system, integrated into the device, resulting in lower noise emissions
Simple, quick, tool-free filter change (service-friendly)
Large filter access doors on one side (service-friendly)
Side channel blower with latest generation IE3 motors
Control cabinet with frequency converter, Modbus and display (user-friendly)
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Optional device features

Filter class H
HEPA H14 filter
ePTFE-membrane catridge filter
Activated carbon filter system
Stainless steel version
Dust-Ex Z22 and Z21
Gas-Ex Z2 and Z1
Different discharge systems
Fire and explosion protection equipment
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Areas of application

Lasering, welding, cutting» click here
Drilling, lathing, milling» click here
Filling, mixing» click here
Packaging» click here

Dust, fine particles» click here
Chips» click here
Fibers, fabrics» click here
Order our latest centravac extraction system for your company now!

Technical data

  centravac D12,5 1100 M
centravac D18,5 1120 M
centravac D25 2000 M
Item no. 9080001 9080002 9080003
Air volume flow max. 1100 m³/h max. 1120 m³/h max. 2000 m³/h
Negative pressure max. 280 mbar max. 350 mbar max. 350 mbar
Drive power 12.5 kW 18,5 kW 25,0 kW
Voltage 400 V 400 V 400 V
Sound emission 62 dB(A) 64 db(A) 64 dB(A)
Weigth 1190 kg 1200 kg 1220 kg
Dimensions (l,w,h) 2320x1260x4180 mm 2320x1260x4180 mm 2320x1260x4180 mm
Inport take (d) 100 mm 100 mm 100 mm
Dust coll. container BigBag BigBag BigBag
Powder coating RAL9016 semi-gloss RAL9016 semi-gloss RAL9016 semi-gloss
Cartridgefilter¹ M M M
Filter surface 20 m² 20 m² 20 m²
Filter surface load 56 m³/m²/h 56 m³/m²/h 100 m³/m²/h
Filter cleaning JetPulse JetPulse JetPulse
Controller² Siemens Logo® Siemens Logo® Siemens Logo®
¹) Cartridgefilter is conductive  ²) SIEMENS controller inside housing Right trimmed columns can be scrolled (wiped) to the left!
Optional features
  centravac D12,5 1100 M
centravac D18,5 1120 M
centravac D25 2000 M
HEPA H14 filter ja ja ja
Dust Ex-Zone 22/21 ja ja ja
Gas Ex-Zone 2/1 ja ja ja
Explosion prevention* ja ja ja
Fire prevention* ja ja ja
ePTFE cartridge filter ja ja ja
Activated carbon filter ja ja ja
Stainless steel version ja ja ja
Hobbock container ja ja ja
Container with PE bag ja ja ja
Double slider ja ja ja
*) When installed indoors
Data are subject of technical changes.
Right trimmed columns can be scrolled (wiped) to the left!
Extraction system ASPUR centravacExtraction system ASPUR centravac
Special features
  • ASPUR-MODULAR-DESIGN  - Structure in modular assemblies, enables a wide range of variants
  • ASPUR-NOISE-ELIMINATOR - With reduced noise levels thanks to highly efficient sound insulation
  • ASPUR-SAFETY-FILTERCHANGE - Simple, tool-free filter change
  • ASPUR EXPANSIONS-EXTRACTION-SYSTEM - Expansion of the sucked-in process air and redirection, reduces the incoming suction speed and enables coarse particle and spark separation
Extraction system ASPUR centravac
Device features
Extraction system ASPUR centravac
Extraction system device properties control
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