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Our new project: C. & E. Fein GmbH in Bargau

Joachim Ringler extraction & filtration technology
Joachim Ringler Extraction & filtration technolgy
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Our new project: C. & E. Fein GmbH in Bargau

ASPUR air solutions
New customer project: C. & E. Fein GmbH in Bargau
Customized solution for the extraction of process media in the new production hall

Fein is a German company based in Bargau, Baden-Württemberg. The company is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality, electric
hand tools and offers a wide range of products for professional use. Fein was founded in 1867 and over the years has earned an excellent reputation for its innovative and reliable products.

In a new production hall, different processing machines and manufacturing processes were now implemented, which release various emissions. Due to its extensive expertise in the development and manufacture of industrial extraction and filter technology, ASPUR air solutions  was contracted to supply three different filter systems.

In order to extract and filter chips with dust, oil mist as well as vapors and gases, the device types aero4eco, aerog4  and airsorb3  developed by aspur are used as stationary, central extraction systems. The production machines were connected to the extraction systems via widely ramified piping networks. aero4eco  with an extraction capacity of 6000m³/h is a stationary extraction or dedusting system, which is equipped with the most modern motor, filter and control technology. For example, all filters can be changed without tools. The dual-door-system developed by aspur  allows a service technician a quick access from two sides of the plant via full-surface access doors.

The oil mist and aerosol separator aerog4  impresses with its filter system, which consists of multi-stage filter cartridges and thus achieves a filter quality of HEPA- H13. Even the finest particles are separated on the self-draining filters, so that the exhaust air can be returned to the production halls.

Aero4 and aerog4 are designed in a modular system, so that later modifications and further adaptations of filter or discharge systems can be made. The mobile (or stationary) device airsorb3  in ATEX design is a storage filter that adsorbs vapors and gases. The device series, which is protected by a utility model, also enables filter replacement of two filters placed on top of each other without the need for tools. After opening the access door, the filter holder, similar to a drawer, in which the H14 pre-filter and HEPA filter are inserted, is pulled out. The filters can now be easily removed and replaced. In addition, the device is equipped with activated carbon filters that adsorb gases and or odors that arise. Thus, this system, like all of the ASPUR systems and devices, is suitable for returning the exhaust air to the production rooms.

The control systems of all three plants and units are equipped with filter monitors, frequency converters and a Modbus system, so that the plants can also be controlled and monitored from the customer's machine control systems.

Customer comment C. & E. Fein GmbH:
"Already in the pre-planning phase, aspur integrated itself into this project in an above-average way and independently offered suitable solutions to our requirements. This commitment, in combination with guaranteed delivery times and product quality, made our decision easier. Another plus point is the regional proximity. Cooperation with local partners is always important to C. und E. Fein GmbH is always important."

ASPUR air solutions

ASPUR air solutions - Joachim Ringler
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